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Wickedkid Collection: First Words

Posted on February 17 2017

Ideas make the world go round'

except for when our individualities are broken down. Empty gaps in the universe where our thoughts used to be, because to control us - they cannot allow us to be free. Me, me, me - that's reality today - he or she can’t think on their own two feet. They turn the television on and set their brains off, letting the news and commercials justify who they should or shouldn't be. We are so caught up in what the guidelines map out - born, raised, systemized.. But you see, the world is so much darker, madder, so much better than they say it should be.

You better do this - or you won’t do that, you better look like this or you’ll grow old and want to take it all back. You are wicked and have no morals - which greater power is it that you believe in? (deep breath) The earth and it’s energies - the synergy created by commonalities with other beings seeing the same reason that the reason for existing isn't for the change of seasons but for our own right to live through the beauty of our own existence.

Terror this terror that, don’t step foot outside it's not safe, don’t start thinking outside the box you’ll start losing faith. We need you indoors where your thoughts are confined and your vision cannot expand beyond arm's reach - the teachers teach but the news speaks and we’d rather listen to the words than to exercise our niche. Why grow up when you can live - age is a number, live and die as a kid. The youth see the joy in life, they have not yet been tainted - to caught up in enjoying themselves, what ramifications are there to happiness?
Are you not afraid, we live in a world of terror? Nah - not afraid, engulfed in love with the colors, with the people, with the vision and the culture. The government sets the policies, while our globe is overflowing with poverties. Tell me what the problem is, to busy funding bullets when we need to fund the streets. Come, safety is inside - but the keys are in the pockets of the elites and there is a cover charge to be free.
Feel me?

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